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Electrical estimating can be an unforgiving endeavour: mistakes can prove very costly!

With INSCOPE’s electrical estimating service, you can submit competitive tenders with confidence.  INSCOPE will ensure you meet tender deadlines and impress your clients with detailed, professional tenders.



We provide a complete tendering solution, handling the entire electrical estimating process: from take-off to tender submission. INSCOPE’s ‘definitive’ estimates are accurate and comprehensive, delivering the precision you need to win, manage, and complete your project.



Our estimates are also fully adjustable, so you won’t be caught out by demands for your ‘best and final offer’ at a pre-award meeting. Our unique ‘goal seeking’ feature allows you to make minor adjustments quickly using calculated risks.



INSCOPE will even attend pre-award meetings with you to field any tough questions you may be asked.



At INSCOPE, we know that the job of an electrical estimator isn’t just a matter of counting the number of lights. We carefully assess the key factors that affect your profitability, including:


  • Bill of Materials

It is absolutely vital to account for all material items required to complete your project.  INSCOPE will ensure the BoM is complete, correct, and consistent with project specifications.


  • Labour allocation

INSCOPE maintains an exhaustive database of reference labour units based on our expert estimation of how long a given task should take the average electrician under average conditions. However, it is also important to consider any unusual labour issues that may be associated with your specific project. INSCOPE will ensure your tender allows for labour inefficiencies and risks arising from factors like accessibility, confined spaces, material availability, and stacked trades.


Lost time or unproductive labour can also have a significant impact on your bottom line. INSCOPE will ensure the cost of site inductions, toolbox meetings, site meetings, and other management tasks are included in our estimate.


  • Overheads

INSCOPE will ensure your tender includes all necessary allowances for plant and equipment, storage hire, consultants, drafting, project management, and any other important overheads.


  • Other important notes

To minimise legal risk, it is critically important that the scope of your tender is clear and unambiguous. INSCOPE will ensure any important comments, inclusions and exclusions, Prime Cost (PC) items, and unusual project components are clearly highlighted in your tender.