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When all you need is a reliable take-off to get that tender finished on time, INSCOPE is here to help!

The accuracy of your take-off is critically important, especially for major projects: simple counting errors can become big, expensive problems later on.


Merely counting the items shown on the plans is not enough. An accurate take-off must also allow for any additional labour and materials required for a complete installation (e.g., cover plates, fasteners, etc.). It is also important to make sure that all items meet the required specifications and regulatory requirements.


All this means that creating an electrical take-off can be laborious and time-consuming. It also requires an eagle-eye: take-offs produced at midnight are a recipe for disaster.


INSCOPE uses proprietary software to efficiently generate a bill of materials that accounts for all items within the scope of work and can be submitted for wholesaler pricing. Our clear, detailed take-offs are organised to support project delivery. By producing a comprehensive take-off for each critical stage of work, we ensure your take-offs provide a sound basis for efficient project management, including procurement, scheduling, cost management, and progress tracking.