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Effective project management is critical to your business reputation, profitability, and success.


INSCOPE’s project management services can be tailored to suit your needs, whether your project is big or small. You can take advantage of any or all of the elements of our comprehensive project management package, including:


  • Procurement management

INSCOPE will take responsibility for sourcing, purchasing, and scheduling staged deliveries of products and services as well as tracking wastage and leftover materials.


  • Cost management

INSCOPE will review supplier and subcontractor quotes to optimise profitability and ensure complete coverage of the scope of works. As the project progresses, we will track every dollar you spend to ensure you stay on budget. INSCOPE will also submit any necessary variation claims on your behalf.


  • Time management 

INSCOPE will be responsible for programming site works and tracking construction schedules and milestones to ensure adequate progress. We will also produce weekly progress and profitability reports.


  • Quality management

INSCOPE will implement quality control measures to minimise mistakes and rework and ensure all work meets the required specifications and quality standards.


  • Communication management

INSCOPE will attend onsite meetings, liaise with construction managers, and coordinate work with other trades. We will also take the lead in negotiating any claims and disputes with contractors or subcontractors.


  • Document control

INSCOPE will manage all contracts, specifications, drawings, and schedules to ensure accurate information is available when and where it is needed.


  • Safety management

INSCOPE will ensure compliance with all relevant workplace health and safety protocols.